Building incredible parenting skills!

Parenting can be hard, and sometimes it can feel like a never ending battle.

Help is available! Incredible Years is one of the flagship parenting programmes in our Skillsbank.

We offer this programme in Dunedin, Balclutha and Alexandra for parents of children aged between three and eight years old, and it focuses on strengthening parenting skills and nurturing relationships through play, attention and involvement.

Incredible Years is delivered by group leaders employed by PSO who lead weekly sessions over 14-week blocks. Donations are a vital part of funding this programme, and this support means that we can continue to reach and help more families.

Here’s what participants have had to say about what they saw as the main benefit of Incredible Years:

“I have calmer children and I’m confident in my ability to parent better. I have also learned a lot about myself”

“Stronger marriage, happier home, happier kids”

“Learning how to parent and how my behaviour impacts my child”

“It helped me parent better and to stay calm”

“Being given tools to deal with challenging behaviour”

“Learning more about parenting tools and self-reflection on what triggers me and how my reaction can change the course of behaviour/situation”

“Knowing that I’m not alone”


For more information about our parenting groups and programmes please visit The Incredible Years Programme is part of our Skillsbank.


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