Countless hours given by our volunteers

Over 600 people volunteer with Presbyterian Support Otago, and they contribute almost 60,000 hours every year.

The thousands of hours that volunteers generously give through Presbyterian Support Otago is central to a range of programmes and activities that we are able to provide to the community every week.

The contribution of volunteers has significant impact on the lives of countless Otago residents and families.

Some people have been volunteering for decades. Others have become involved in the organisation more recently, with a number of new volunteers joining us this year.

Many volunteers do something every week, such as transporting people to attend the Club Enliven day programme and home again at the end of the afternoon. Others assist occasionally with one off activities, such as being involved with Octacan and sorting cans for the day.

For many volunteers the opportunity to be involved is as important for them, as it is for those they support. “I get much more out of being a volunteer then what I put into it,” is a common comment from our volunteers.

Volunteers enjoy being involved in Presbyterian Support Otago and the organisation has plenty of opportunities for anyone who is keen to become involved as a volunteer.

Visit our Volunteers page for more information about opportunities to volunteer with Presbyterian Support Otago.

Meet Rashmi Kumar, one of our Retail shop volunteers.


National Volunteer Week 2019

National Volunteer Week 2019 runs from 16 – 22 June 2019 and it has been estimated that over 1.2 million New Zealanders volunteer every year!

This year the national theme for Volunteer Week is “Whiria te tangata – weaving the people together.”

We certainly appreciate every one of the volunteers who work with communities and support our work across Otago. Thank you to every one of our amazing volunteers!

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