Give a gift for Otago's future

25 November 2016

Presbyterian Support has worked side by side with Otago’s residents for 110 years. Together we’ve done some great work and helped a lot of people.

Thanks to community backing, we’ve made a positive difference for families throughout Otago. There’s a high chance that Presbyterian Support Otago has helped someone you know. It could be your neighbour, a nephew or niece, a friend or maybe even you.

You’ll see the results of our work in the stories that are regularly shared in this publication, in conversations or in the press. These are stories about parents who can now give their children a nutritious meal. They’re stories from families who, for the first time ever, are able to enjoy gifts at Christmas. You hear stories from members of our Enliven aged care services who have enjoyed social activities, companionship and quality health care. And stories that are evident in the smiles of many young people who’ve found a new confidence and purpose in life.

When we hear stories like this regularly, it’s a reminder of the importance of the support we provide to people in times of need. With your help, we can continue to make positive change in people’s lives and create more stories of hope and happiness.

We’re passionate about Otago and believe that when we help an individual, or family, the entire community benefits. With your support, we can create a fair, just and caring community.

By leaving a gift in your Will– no matter the size – you can help Presbyterian Support Otago to improve the lives of people living in your neighbourhood.

Even a modest gift can make a profound difference. By pledging to make a gift you will help us plan for the future – a future that we strive to make brighter.

Please consider leaving a gift to Presbyterian Support Otago so you can help us realise our shared vision for the people who call Otago home.

For more information contact Monica on 03 4700 808.