Potatoes with positivity on the side

A fellow student told Sarah Chatsfield she should always “make this moment yours”. Sarah has never forgotten this advice.

A group of students from the course which Sarah attends volunteered to sort cans and food donated during Octacan. Sarah really enjoyed her day with Family Works, and this got her thinking about what more she could do.

Sarah now regularly volunteers for the foodbank, “I’m living in town so I’m nearby and I have some time in the mornings. I enjoy sorting things. Since I’ve been volunteering here I’ve sorted bulk donations like apples and potatoes into small pack for food parcels. I’ve also made up lunch and snack packs for children.”

Giving back is important to Sarah, “I’m doing this for myself, and for the community. I think it is important that people support each other, and share a little positivity. That’s what I try to do when I’m sorting food for the foodbank.”

Sarah’s first involvement with Family Works was six years ago when she attended our YouthGrow programme.

“At YouthGrow I learnt all about plants and had the opportunity to use a range of garden tools. I remember coming to town to sort the lawns and gardens at the main office. This was just one of many learning experiences while I was part of YouthGrow.”

Over 600 people volunteered with us, in a range of ways. If you would like to talk about how you may be able to volunteer please get in touch with us.