Volunteering brings joy for Julie

When you chat with Julie Dawkins it quickly becomes clear that she’s passionate about volunteering.

Julie was recently acknowledged for 25 years spent volunteering at Presbyterian Support Otago – an incredible length of time.

Julie began volunteering at St Andrews Care Home in Dunedin, where she was assisting with resident activities. She became involved with Visiting Volunteers, and has spent most of her time supporting this programme.

Visiting Volunteers provide regular, ongoing contact and company for people living alone, often providing a link to the community for those who may be confined to their home. There are currently 30 Visiting Volunteers across the wider Dunedin area.

Over the last two decades Julie has been connecting each week with clients, visiting them for a chat and a cuppa.

Julie has supported 10 different clients. A quick calculation confirms that she has spent well over 2,000 hours as a Visiting Volunteer.

“There is always plenty of conversations, often about our families and various craft activities. All the people I’ve been paired with have been different, but they are so enjoyable and there are plenty of laughs."

When asked about future plans Julie quickly replies, “I love being a Visiting Volunteer and have no intention of stopping. I’ve got plenty of years to go yet!”

Find out more about opportunities to volunteer at Presbyterian Support Otago.