Where there's a will there's a way

1 March 2016

The abundance of natural light, spacious rooms and ensuites, soothing décor and an easy indoor-outdoor flow from almost every room has residents likening the Kirkness Unit at Iona care home, Oamaru, to living in a top class motel.

“I moved from the old Kirkness into the new and it’s just so nice, especially having the big door out into the courtyard,” says resident Mrs Elaine Church.

Iona Manager Steph Leith said residents really enjoy the light and spaciousness created by the modern, practical layout.

“Residents can have more of their personal belongings in their rooms and staff have more space to manoeuvre equipment like hoists and recliner chairs around without having to shuffle furniture about,” she said.  “It makes supporting residents much simpler”.

Iona was built in 1953 and has been updated over the years.  The extension of the Kirkness Unit, completed in 2013, was made possible by the thoughtful generosity of people naming Presbyterian Support Otago in their wills.  Without their collective support, and that of other donors, the development would have been either long delayed, or far more modest.

The Kirkness Unit provides 27 residents with hospital level care in a comfortable, serene environment. 

“It’s a first-class building conducive to providing first-class care and comfort to people in their latter years.

“There is a growing demand for hospital-level care services throughout New Zealand and I am proud we can offer local residents a facility that can stand alongside those provided in bigger cities," Stephenie adds.  “And it’s all thanks to the generosity of people in our community.  I can’t think of a better improvement than seeing the delight in our residents’ faces.”

A gift from a will or estate can make a lasting difference to people in our community.  Kirkness was built in 2013, and still gives great pleasure and comfort to older people in our community.  It will do so for some time yet.

Is Presbyterian Support Otago already in your will, trust or other estate plans?  Thank you!  Please let us know about your plans because it helps us plan for the future.  Call Michelle Gerwitz, 03 477 7115, and she will add your name to our legacy circle.  Your gift may remain anonymous, if you like.

Don’t have a will?  You’re not alone!  Now is a great time to start planning, and please consider including a gift to Presbyterian Support Otago in your estate plans.  Contact our Field Officer, Richard on 029 1200 132, for a private conversation.

More information is available here.