Celebrating 20 years as a Buddy Coordinator

Jo Scott is based in East Otago and has supported dozens of Buddies across Otago over the last 20 years. We asked her about this milestone, and she shared her thoughts with us.

“It doesn’t feel like 20 years, I assure you! I have absolutely loved being involved and it’s a mystery where the years have gone. It’s a privilege to work with such cool, kind adults who give fun and love to kids who are not their own - it’s a brilliant take on the concept of ‘It Takes a Village to Raise a Child’.

“The Buddy Programme is such an impressively simple approach that has extraordinary heart and soul. Memories of many young and adult buddies will remain with me for as long as I have my marbles. I love to run into them to see what they’re up to, and so many of them keep in touch with each other years, even decades, after.”

Congratulations, Jo and thank you for being part of this amazing service!

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