Helping each other, learning together

26 January 2017

As children head back to school for 2017 we’re opening the doors to begin a number of Presbyterian Support Family Works programmes that will run for this year. These programmes are freely available for everyone in the community to attend.

Group Work Coordinator Ray Hubac oversees a range of the programmes related to parenting. Ray said, “Being a parent can be tough and raising kids is something that you often learn how to do as the kids grow.”

“It can feel like you are alone, so connecting with other people going through similar experiences will make a huge difference.”

“Family Works programmes are all about us helping each other to build on our strengths, develop healthy relationships and learn new skills to help in those challenging situations.”

Programmes that are running in 2017 include:

  • Incredible Years is for parents of children aged between three to eight years old and running for 14 weeks. The programme focuses on strengthening parenting skills and nurturing relationships through play, attention and involvement. Incredible Years will run at Balclutha Primary School every Friday during the school term, beginning on 17 February.
  • Harakeke Group is for parents who may be parenting alone, wanting parenting support, or keen to gain tips and ideas on making parenting easier and more enjoyable. The group will run fortnightly at Elliot House in South Dunedin.
  • For parents of teenagers we run Negotiating the Minefield which is great for helping parents to understand and respond to you teenager. This runs over six weeks on a Tuesday night at Elliot House in South Dunedin.
  • Heads Up is ideal for young parents as it helps you to build positive relationship and develop your confidence as a parent. This runs as a six week course on Tuesday morning in Elliot House, South Dunedin and begins on 14 February.
  • For kids there is Growing Taller, which is a fun, activity-based group programme for children aged six to eleven. These children may be having a hard time at home or school that is contributing to poor self-image and anxiety and causing difficulties for them in managing their emotions. This will run for seven weeks during the school term on Thursday morning at the Family Works office in Moray Place, Dunedin.

Phone Ray on (03) 470 0848 to find out more and register your interest in a listed programme.