Meet Jinsey Wood, Registered Nurse

We met with Jinsey, 27, to find out more about her story and her big plans for the future.

Can you tell us about your current role?

I’m a Registered Nurse at Enliven’s Ross Home in Dunedin where I’m part of the team in the Dalkeith residential care unit. Previously I was working within the Lindsay psychogeriatric care unit at Ross Home. What was your background prior to coming to Ross Home? I actually left school at 15 and was a solo mum at 19. I was struggling and on a benefit, doing a little housecleaning to make ends meet. I remember looking at my son, who is now 6, and he was my motivation for wanting a different life.

I was drawn to nursing because I love looking after people. I wanted a job where I could go home at the end of the day and feel really good about what I had been doing.

What are your special interest areas in nursing?

When I first went into nursing it was with the intention of eventually working in women’s health and gynaecology. But after a placement at the Lindsay Unit during the mental health part of my studies – I just loved it straight away, and knew that was the area I wanted to work in.

I was drawn to it because the residents were so vulnerable and so in need of good care and advocacy. Another big factor in my choice of aged care once I graduated was the great team in the unit – the people and the environment. It was such a good feel – I felt so at home.

What excites you about the future?

I’ve since realised there are a great deal of opportunities for professional development and advancement in the aged care sector. In February this year I attended the NZ Aged Care Association Workshops for Managers and Aspiring Leaders.

And now, with the support of my employer (including paid study leave) I’m studying towards my Post Graduate Certificate of Nursing - Leadership and Management at Otago University.

I have loved studying and achieving, and I just want to carry on! I am really proud of my achievements and I’m grateful for my very supportive partner as well. My goal, once I’ve completed my management course, is to become a manager in aged care. I can see a realistic and achievable career path to this goal now.

What would you say to others seeking a career in aged care?

I would recommend Presbyterian Support Enliven Aged Care employment to anyone! I recently suggested a classmate of mine apply for a position with Enliven. I have had opportunities with Enliven that I wouldn’t have had elsewhere and I feel very well supported. It’s a great place to work!

Thank you, Jinsey!

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