7 September 2021

Bert’s keen on Club Enliven

Some things make for healthier, happier living, no matter what your age. Club Enliven Dunedin member Bert certainly brings laughter and light to the Club. 

Admittedly, Bert wasn’t too keen on Club Enliven at first, as he didn’t like to be looked at as the new person. Now more than three years later, Bert comes twice a week, and says “it’s an amazing place, everyday it’s something special. You get fed really well, something I wasn’t expecting. And if you want anything, you only need to ask. The staff are excellent and make a big difference. I’d still be under the table if it wasn’t for Marilyn”. 

Bert enjoys the banter and seems to generate of lot of it himself, confessing when he’s not at Club Enliven, he’s scheming on ways to get one up on the boys.  

His favourite Club Enliven memory is “listening to a male student with an amazing voice who used to come and sing to the members”.

PICTURED ABOVE: Bert Johnson with Marilyn Withnall, Club Enliven Dunedin Coordinator

The full Club Enliven programme will recommence when alert levels allow.  

Club Enliven is a day programme for people over 65 years (sometimes younger) who like meeting others, enjoy social activities and sharing a meal in good company. The programme is offered in Dunedin, Mosgiel and Alexandra and aims to enrich the lives of its members and help maintain their mental and physical wellbeing. 

For more information contact Enliven Community Co-ordinator Rachel Thomas on (03) 470 0816.


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