7 September 2021

Thank you to our supporters

One thing we know for certain is that not much is certain! As a nation we’ve been blessed with a lot of freedom and safety this year, but as I write this message, we are back at a high Covid-19 Alert level. At this time PSO is helping many people, including those who have lost jobs or had their hours reduced, as well as those who are doing the ‘Covid juggle’, trying to work and look after family all at once from home.

At times like these we are especially grateful for your tremendous care and concern, and for our many donors. Your kindness means we can support people through difficult times and walk beside them as they grow new skills.

At PSO, we always want to make the best use of every dollar donated. So, we’re keen to send emails rather than letters, wherever possible, as this is great for the environment and creates less waste and reduces costs. We know emails aren’t appealing to everybody, but if this does resonate for you, we would love it if you came on board with this idea!

Please consider providing us with your email address so we can send you an electronic version of People and an emailed receipt for any donations you may make. You can include your email address on the gift form or email me at fundraising@psotago.org.nz, or just give me a call on the number below.

In other news, we have had a wonderful response from our donors who have embraced the phasing out of cheques and have made the move to support us in a different way - we thank you.

This spring, we hope you can help us sow the seeds of hope for those most in need!

Kind regards, Jude (Supporter Engagement Manager)

PS: Please give me a ring on (03) 470 0834 if you would like to chat some more about supporting Presbyterian Support Otago.

“It takes a whole community, working together to make a difference!”


Spring People Magazine

Download a PDF of our People Magazine - 4MB