7 September 2021

Support Sundays

Presbyterian parishes throughout Otago are greatly valued supporters of our work here at Presbyterian Support Otago. We are very grateful to you all and send our blessings to all. Please keep us, and those who need our services in your prayers.

We are really sorry that during Covid-19 levels 3 & 4, we are not able to visit parishes as planned. 

We look forward to meeting with you in person once Alert Levels allow  and we hope to be able to commence our Support Sunday visits in October at these parishes:

10th October – Alexandra/Clyde Union Church
Speaker Pippa Wellstead (local Buddy Co-ordinator)

3rd October – St David’s NEV Presbyterian Church
Speaker to be confirmed 

31st October – Kurow Presbyterian Church
Speaker Bev Rodwell (PSO Board Member)

If you have any questions about this please call Carolyn Sims our Community Mission Liaison Coordinator on (03) 4777 115

Spring People Magazine

Download a PDF of our People Magazine - 4MB