2 June 2023

Geography no barrier to supporting PSO

John and Nancy Phelps-Keith have big hearts and support the work of Presbyterian Support Otago (PSO) by making regular donations – from the other side of the world!

The couple from Washington State (USA), who retired in 2016, started travelling to New Zealand as tourists and loved our country. John and Nancy were instinctively drawn to the ‘natural beauty’ of the South Island after having had careers in public land management including US National Parks and Forests.

During Covid, the intrepid couple were forced to remain at home and felt helpless. “The impacts of Covid further highlighted the incredible need for caring support of individuals and families.”

Taking to YouTube, they encountered a story on Dunedin’s local TV Channel 39 featuring Presbyterian Support Otago. “It was clear to us that Presbyterian Support Otago is a critical component of support to those in need in Dunedin,” say John and Nancy, who had a spiritual upbringing with the Presbyterian Church. “It was eye-opening and impressive to learn the full extent of the PSO programmes and initiatives.”

“We are so proud to be contributors to such a worthy and important source of comfort and care.”

Banner: Donors John and Nancy Phelps-Keith on their recent visit to Dunedin with Jude McCracken (Supporter Engagement Manager) and Shelby Sanderson (Fundraising Coordinator).

If you would like more information about how you can help support Presbyterian Support Otago’s services please contact Jude McCracken, Supporter Engagement Manager on phone 03 470 0834 or visit psotago.org.nz/get-involved

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