2 June 2023

Winter People Magazine 2023

This edition of People focuses on the challenges and celebrations experienced by the Presbyterian Support Otago (PSO) community since our last edition.

Winter is fast approaching and although it can sometimes feel bleak in contrast to the warm weather we have enjoyed, we can always be thankful that the love and support of the PSO whānau makes a positive difference through the darkest months.

This year we are seeing many people entering our doors, who are experiencing a real battle to make ends meet. High rents and the ever-increasing price of food and petrol mean the struggle is real for them. More families are reaching out for help for the first time.

Many of our programmes rely on donations to keep running, as government funds and grants don’t always cover the costs. More than ever, we need your help this winter. Our work does make a difference, bringing a brighter future to local people under stress.

We value and appreciate your support .

Winter People 2023

Download a PDF of our People Magazine - 4MB