6 September 2022

Become a Guardian Angel

As a symbol of hope, we see these angel wings spreading joy and happiness wherever they go. To earn your ‘Guardian Angel Wings’, we invite you to consider becoming a regular donor to Presbyterian Support Otago.

Regular donations enable us to assist whānau we work with, as we walk beside our clients on their journey of growth. Regular monthly donations mean we can respond to more complex needs in our community, allowing us the certainty of being able to provide sustainable services.

Louise Roberts leads our Stepping Stones programme and says, “It was Ann who first came up with the idea of angel wings when browsing the internet for group projects. Stepping Stones participants considered lots of ‘how to’ ideas and eventually someone suggested using craft paper, which we had plenty of. A frenzy of selecting colours commenced and then cutting began. Three large pieces of card were taped together for the outline, which was then trimmed and shaped, with lots of discussion and feedback to get it right. After laying the feathers out for a trial run, the creation began. It was a great team effort, and everyone was so pleased with the result.”

We hope to welcome more Guardian Angel supporters soon! If you would like to speak to us about becoming a Guardian Angel or making a donation to PSO, please feel free to phone Jude McCracken, our Supporter Engagement Manager on 03 470 0834.

Banner image: Anne Cousins (a different Anne!) modeling the angel wings created at Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

A community service in South Dunedin, promoting mental and social well being, resilience and connection with the wider community.

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