17 November 2023

Connecting through our churches

Some people believe churches have generally lost their influence in local communities. Perhaps, but as society changes our churches respond, exploring different ways in which to serve their communities, and to come together.

By December, PSO will have been welcomed into 16 parishes, covering 22 Support Sunday services, some formal, some informal, all welcoming and friendly. We left each one overwhelmed by the generosity of the people, those who volunteered in their community, or donated resources, and money. People connecting their faith to everyday life, in practical ways.

These people are genuinely concerned about the needs of others and are keen to learn about the challenges many of our neighbours are facing. Their attitudes and actions prove that faith is not something that happens for an hour or so on Sunday. It happens in our joy, hurt, and everyday experiences. It is in them we connect our faith with our lives.

A smile, a kind word, a gift, helping hand, listening ear – these simple gestures are ways we connect our faith into daily life, demonstrating God’s love for everyone.

The times when we stop and notice what God is doing all around us, and connect what we celebrate together on Sundays into our daily living, is when we can be thankful for all we have and be challenged to use some of it to support others.

Jesus was as close to the poor and the struggling as to all his followers. We are reminded of what Jesus himself said in Matthew 25:40: When we help others in need, we are helping him.

Heartfelt thanks for your prayers, donations, the sharing of your facilities and resources, and for welcoming PSO into your church.

Our experience has been that churches have not lost their influence in our communities – in fact quite the opposite!

Parishes showing their support for our community

  • Church of Christ

    October donation from the Dunedin Church of Christ.

  • Parishioners from Knox

    Parishioners from Knox, with the weekly Foodbank donation.

  • Waikouaiti Karitane Presbyterian Church

    Lynne from the Waikouaiti Karitane Presbyterian Church with donations to PSO.

  • Eveline Church

    Eveline Church Minister Andrew Scott & Presbyterian Support Otago’s (PSO) Community Relations Advisor Joy Davis with parishioners donations to the foodbank.


Summer People Magazine 2023

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