17 November 2023

Introducing Chrissy Cause

We need your help this Christmas and beyond

Chrissy Cause is a joy to be around! As our Christmas and Beyond mascot (not unlike Can-dice who featured prominently during Octacan), Chrissy Cause is a living celebration of the way we come together, and connect with each other to help make lives better.

Chrissy Cause says there is something special about connecting with each other and giving back to our community.

“The best gifts are the ones you give, and there is no greater reward than helping a person in need – and the need we are seeing is great,” says Chrissy Cause.

Our community is still dealing with the uncertainties and challenge of a post-COVID world, with households under stress facing the impossible choice between heating, petrol or food. The weekly family grocery shop has often been replaced by a daily shop for special bargains. Not knowing what’s for dinner has fast become not knowing where your next meal is coming from – skipping meals to try and get ahead. Many of the people we serve live in fear of their next utility bill being the one that tips the fine balance of making ends meet.

Chrissy Cause

“Donating to PSO is giving us the means to provide essential community services to vulnerable people, and often the need is heightened at this time of the year as we approach Christmas.”

“Our work also continues well beyond the festive season and we rely on our donors and supporters to be there to help.”

“We are in a privileged position of being able to connect people together to help improve lives. To open the windows of opportunity, lift others up, knowing that together we are better. It’s a real honour to serve our community and the generosity of our donors and supporters is the strong foundation that underpins everything we do. Whether they are donating money, goods-in-kind or their time as volunteers, their contribution is really appreciated.”

Chrissy Cause would be delighted if you would consider making a donation to support our work. It’s easy! Visit our donation page to make a donation today.

Whatever you can give will help make a difference.

Thank you.

Our services make a difference and demand for these services is increasing

81 percent of clients learnt new skills Family Works client contacts 2023

We rely on donations to run many of our community services



Helping our clients at Christmas

Many of our supporters ask what we need the most for our clients at Christmas, to make this special time a little bit easier for families. While donations on our website are the most helpful to keep our programmes running, and provide the essential support our clients need, vouchers are also a really valuable way to make a difference in our clients lives. These could be for essential items, such as food and petrol, stationery to help with back-to-school costs for the new year, or family experiences to help bring people together over the festive season and beyond.

Vouchers can be dropped off at our Support Centre, 407 Moray Place, Monday to Friday 8.30am till 5pm. 


Our foodbank is experiencing high demand but also low supply, as community donations of food items are down due to the cost of living crisis. We need your help now to fill the foodbank and keep up with demand.

We kindly request donations of food and toiletries to be made before Monday, 11 December, in order to help get them to the people who need them for Christmas. These can be dropped off at our Support Centre, 407 Moray Place, Monday to Friday 8.30am till 5pm.

We really appreciate those who give regular monthly financial donations to our foodbank, this provides certainty and stability for the foodbank to most effectively ensure those who need help can receive it. To make a monetary donation please visit our foodbank wishlist and donation page.

 Foodbank wishlist 2023


Summer People Magazine 2023

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