17 November 2023

Message from our CEO

Kia ora koutou

One of the strengths of Presbyterian Support Otago is the ability we have to connect people together, those in need, and those in a position to help fill that need. We are all interconnected, sharing a vision where every person is valued and grows in a safe and strong community where everybody thrives.

People sometimes ask if we only help and support people from the Presbyterian Church. The short answer is no! People from all walks of life, beliefs and cultures come to us for help. We do not question, we do not judge. We are here to help anyone in need, regardless of their background, faith or life experience.

A similar question is if only Presbyterians can donate to PSO. Again, the answer is no! We accept donations from everyone and in many differing forms. Unfortunately, with all that is being experienced in our society today, we need donations more than ever as the demand for our services continues to grow at a rate never before experienced. As a charity we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do without donations, without the community willing to be an interconnected part of a much needed support network.

I encourage you to connect with us not only so we can connect with vulnerable tamariki and whānau who need our help, but so we can keep you updated on what is happening in our community, what your donation or volunteering support has been able to achieve.

I hope you enjoy this edition of People, with its lively stories of fun, fulfillment, whānau and of course the odd Christmas recipe!

Thank you for your care and your kindness.

Ngā mihi

Jo O’Neill
CEO, Presbyterian Support Otago

Summer People Magazine 2023

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