17 November 2023

Welcome to our new Board members

We are pleased to announce that five new members have recently joined the PSO Board.

Tanya Povey, Edmond Fehoko, James Sutherland (intern), Mani Malloy-Sharplin and Dave Bainbridge-Zafar have wide-ranging and eclectic backgrounds, including social work, nutrition, mental health, rural support, property management, Pacific health and wellbeing, and Māori health.

The new members join existing Board members Stephanie Pettigrew (Chair), Kerry Enright (Deputy Chair), Craig Wyatt, Jessica Palmer, Stephen Christensen, Mark Shirley, Gillian Musuka and Stephen Willis.

We’re delighted to have the new members join our team and bring with them key skills, knowledge and experience that will strengthen our organisation and help us achieve our vision where every person is valued and grows in a safe and strong community.

Banner image: New board members (top row from left)Tanya Povey, Edmond Fehoko, James Sutherland (intern), (second row from left) Mani Malloy-Sharplin and Dave Bainbridge-Zafar.

Summer People Magazine 2023

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