8 March 2024

Friendship, security and care

Looking out her window into an outdoor area and then across to another part of the Dalkeith wing of Ross Home, eighty-eight-year-old Nancy Hooper waves to a friend who is walking by.

Having people around her is important to Nancy and being a resident at Ross Home gives her all the friends, security and care she could ask for.

Nancy lives in one of the Dalkeith units with her own living area, kitchenette, and bathroom and is surrounded by her personal keepsakes and mementos. There’s no chance of loneliness where Nancy lives.

She grew up in Dunedin, was married to Graeme, a talented carpenter, and has three children (Roger, Ainslee and Rhonda), six grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

Nancy is no stranger to loss and heartbreak when Graeme died suddenly at the young age of 50.

“It was an incredibly difficult time in my life, but you’ve just got to get on with it.”

And Nancy has got on with it! Before moving to Ross Home, she spent some time with her daughter, Rhonda.

Two and a half years ago Nancy moved to Ross Home and is now happily ensconced in her unit which suits her perfectly!

She’s also active, very much enjoying floral art and has been creating beautiful bouquets using her artistic skills. The creations are then either given to friends and family or sold, with the proceeds being generously donated for the benefit of other Dalkeith residents.

“I have my own independence, my own space and I can mix with friends or spend time on my own. The staff at Ross Home are wonderful, so kind and caring, so I want for nothing.”


kitchenette in Dalkeith unit

Photo: A Dalkeith unit includes a private kitchenette and lounge as well as a separate bedroom.

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