8 March 2024

The joy of giving

When Judy Hayes retired in 2023 her plan to volunteer for Presbyterian Support Otago (PSO) had been mapped out for several months prior.

Fast forward seven months and Judy is a regular volunteer at Shop on Carroll, helping sort donations and enjoying the camaraderie of working alongside shop staff and volunteers.

“Once I retired from full-time work, it was important to maintain some sort of structure in my life so volunteering made sense,” says Judy.

“I worked for PSO for nearly 20 years, so I know the organisation very well, and because I relate to the work PSO does in the community, I wanted to continue to help where I could.”

Judy was well aware of the different volunteer roles she could do at PSO and chose Shop on Carroll for several reasons.

“I work a couple of hours a week but I have flexibility so I can quite easily swap days if I’m going to be away travelling in my campervan.”

Of her own choice, there is a physical side to the work that Judy is doing, something she also enjoys. Sorting clothing and stacking boxes of clothes on shelves in the storage area is part of her role. And she also enjoys the social aspect of working with other volunteers.

“We have a lot of fun together and the whole team is friendly and approachable.”

The transition from full-time, paid work to being a volunteer was easy and Judy has settled into a new rhythm and likes the variety it offers.

As well as being a keen traveller, Judy enjoys cycling and gardening and plans to get involved with other local groups, including taking up mahjong.

As for volunteering – would she recommend it?

“Absolutely! I get as much out of being a volunteer as PSO gets from me being a volunteer. I highly recommend it.”

Interested in volunteering?

If you would like more information about giving your time through volunteering, see our volunteer pages or contact our volunteer coordinator, Jasmin on 027 700 1550.

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