8 March 2024

Message from our CEO

We all experience change in our lives; some is within our control, and some happens to us. Adapting can be difficult. At times we need a helping hand to provide us with the light to see through the darkness, and give hope where we may feel hopeless. Throughout this People magazine, you will read about the lives of some of PSO’s clients who have experienced difficulty and adversity, and you will see their stories of courage as we walk alongside them, guiding and encouraging them.

Seeing the transformation that can happen through support and empowerment is what drives us all at PSO. We are blessed by wonderful staff and volunteers whose hearts are for all we do, driving change for the better in our communities.

We are proud to be in Otago and serving you and your family, whānau, aiga, aa’ila, or simply those you love, in whatever way they need, and whenever they need it. We are here for all those in need, and we are equally blessed to have our community support us so we can continue fulfilling the need.

From a simple act of kindness to leaving a bequest to a charity like Presbyterian Support Otago, the changes to people’s lives can be immense. All that is contributed to PSO, remains in our Otago community, to strengthen, support, grow and empower.

Every day we witness what a difference we can make. It might be a child reading a story to one of our Enliven residents, or an adult who has decided to become a Buddy by sharing a couple of hours a week with a young person. For some, it’s a small change; for the recipient it can have a profound effect on their wellbeing, sense of identity and security.

Change for good is a worthy goal so whatever you can do, we are truly grateful that you are part of our community, because your change will help rebuild the lives of people who need our help. Thank you.

Nāku te rourou nāu te rourou ka ora ai te iwi.
With your basket and my basket, the people will live.

Ngā mihi

Jo O’Neill
CEO, Presbyterian Support Otago


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