8 March 2024

High life in the slow lane

If a sense of purpose and belonging is what’s required, then Elmslie House is ‘on the money’ and residents Bob Carson and Wendy McArthur are glowing examples of just that.

Bob has recently moved from Dunedin, choosing Elmslie because it is close to his daughter, Debbie, who lives in Luggate.

Married for 55 years to Margaret, the couple raised their family, and enjoyed many holidays at their crib in Mahinerangi where a popular activity was taking the boat out onto the lake and fishing.

Bob spent almost his entire career working for the railways, starting as a ‘fireman’, a job he loved. But working for the railways wasn’t Bob’s first choice of job. He was a keen deer stalker and was interested in pursuing it as a career but given its dangers, he was talked out of it by his father and the rest, as they say, is history!

His move to Elmslie, while taking a little time to settle in, has been a positive one. Having stayed at Elmslie for a fortnight to “try it out”, he decided to move permanently and is now getting to know other residents and join in various activities including morning exercise classes. Bob was always a keen vegetable gardener, and he hasn’t let that slide so he’s growing potatoes outside his room.

As for 91-year-old Wendy, she’s all about getting on because, “life is one big adjustment, different things happen as you go through life, so you just have to adjust.”

Wendy has lived at Elmslie for six months and while her eyesight is failing, she’s not about to let that stop her from having some fun!

“I think Elmslie is a very nice place, everyone is very friendly, and we don’t miss out on anything.”

Wendy grew up in Dunedin, met her future husband, John, through her brother Garth where both men worked for local construction company, William McLellan Ltd.

Originally from Scotland, John moved to Dunedin and asked Garth if he had a sister. Replying “yes”, John made it his business to meet Wendy and within a year they were married!

They had two daughters, one of whom, Lynley, now lives in Clyde. Wendy also has two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

She fondly reminisces about her years of playing hockey and being in Probus but it’s clear both she and Bob are living good lives. While moving to Elmslie has brought about changes, they’re very much living the high life in the slow lane!

Banner image: Elmslie residents Bob Carson (left) and Wendy McArthur (right) with some of their special mementoes. Residents are encouraged to bring their special items when moving into our carehomes, so they can be surrounded by the things that they love. 

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