15 June 2022

Helping out in our Enliven carehomes

Our Enliven carehomes have had some new faces helping out recently. With staff shortages and volunteer restrictions across the aged care sector, our Family Works and corporate services staff have been stepping up to fill the gaps, and we’d like to introduce you to some of them.

Pippa and Kiri, Family Works staff members in Alexandra, lent a hand at Ranui. “We both enjoyed just sitting and chatting with the residents, most of whom were local Alexandra people that had lived here in our community for many years. The stories they had to tell were delightful and Kiri and I found that we had connections with them and their families”, Pippa said.

“We delivered the mail, helped with knitting, exchanged library books, helped with delivering lunches and did some colouring. Most of all we loved sitting and chatting and being in the company of residents.”

Maree from our support centre in Dunedin lent a hand in the Ross Home laundry and with residents. “I had fun with residents, giving them their afternoon tea and chatting with them”, Maree said.

Laura, who is also from our support centre, spent a couple of days at our Balclutha carehome, Holmdene. She had a lovely time getting to know the residents and helping out within the admin team.

Our amazing staff have shown their true commitment to caring within our community, and supporting their colleagues. We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of those who have helped out!

  • Enliven staff member Julie with Kiri at Ranui carehome in Alexandra.

  • Resident Hazel Grant enjoying a visit from Family Works staff member Kiri Mulholland (above)

  • Resident Runa Wilson (left) enjoying a visit from Family Works staff member Pippa Wellstead.

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