2 June 2023

Leaving a gift in your will

Judy Elliot had a special connection with Ranui, our Enliven care home in Alexandra. Judy was very supportive and was an enthusiastic member of the Ranui House Committee. When she passed away recently, she asked that her son and daughter donate her electric car to Ranui.

Supporter Engagement Manager, Jude McCracken, says bequests can come in all shapes and sizes. Many are monetary but not all.

“The donation of an electric car is a wonderful gift to leave,” says Jude. “It is practical in that it will provide transport for residents needing to go to town or attend medical and hospital appointments. Because it’s electric, the cost of running the car has virtually no impact on Ranui, making it an affordable and sustainable asset to our organisation.”

Judy’s son and daughter, Darrin Hall and Janet Fennessy, are delighted to hand over the keys of the car to Ranui and are especially proud of their mother.

“Mum spent her life working for her community,” says Darrin. “She was involved in many things, including Ranui and Victim Support. Donating her car to Ranui is an extension of her generosity and kindness and it’s great to know that it will also continue to benefit the community into the future.”

Janet expresses a similar sentiment, saying that her mother was all about community.
“Mum believed in paying it forward wherever she could. Over the last 20 years in particular, she helped people who had disabilities, especially those who were wheelchair bound.”

The PSO team are very grateful to the Hall family for this generous gift and are honoured to remember Judy’s legacy in this way.

Banner: Darrin Hall, Janet Fennessy and Leigh McLeod (Ranui care home Manager) with the gifted electric car.

For more information about leaving a gift in your will, please contact Jude McCracken, Supporter Engagement Manager on phone 03 470 0834 or visit psotago.org.nz/legacy

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