18 September 2023

Making a difference, together!

As we start to see Spring blossoms appear and see newborn animals like lambs leaping around farm paddocks, we think about the care that’s needed for new life to flourish.

At Presbyterian Support Otago, we care in many ways through the work we do and the people we help. The stories in this magazine demonstrate how people care for each other. This caring nature is also shown by you, our donors and supporters because without your help, our work would be considerably more difficult to do.

I encourage you to consider making a donation. Your gift will make a very real difference to the lives of vulnerable people who face many challenges from mental health, financial stress and putting food on the table.

Blessings, Jude (Supporter Engagement Manager)

PS: I am always happy to chat with you if you would like to discuss other ways you can support our work. Please call me on 03 470 0834.

What are some other ways to donate?

  • Phone banking via your bank’s services
  • Call us on 03 477 7115 and we can process your credit or debit card donation over the phone
  • Donate with your EFTPOS card. Pop into our Dunedin Support Centre at 407 Moray Place

How your gifts have helped

Since January 2023, your donations to our greatest needs have made a significant impact on our community. Among these needs, the Social Work programme has emerged as the most crucial in the last eight months. Through this programme, we have provided vital crisis intervention, mental health support, and advocacy, addressing the pressing challenges faced by individuals and families.

To all those who have contributed to our greatest need and other areas, we extend our heartfelt thanks for being beacons of hope in our community.

27% of donations to the Greatest Need have been used for Social Work

Other services which have greatly benefitted are the Buddy Programme, YouthGrow, Parenting Programmes, Financial Mentoring and the Foodbank.

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