18 September 2023

Spring People Magazine 2023

This issue of People focuses on our enduring care, compassion and kindness for those around us this Spring. A season of renewal, growth, and hope.

Our community is filled with good people doing good things, through PSO’s multiple channels of caring. You’ll “meet” retired nurse Fay Smith who cared for others at Ross Home and David Strang, our wonderful volunteer piano player, who has been caring for others in the form of music and memories for almost 33 years! In these difficult times, Tony’s story demonstrates how our PSO kindness through our social work really matters.

We're sharing with you an exciting transformation of our retail shops and we want you to be part of the adventure. Our Southern Presbytery relationship stands strong, and enables us to partner for greater impact and reach.

As a charity, we find ourselves in difficult financial times, but remain proud and committed to what we do.

Caring for people is who we are.

people magazine thumbnail image - piano volunteer

Download a PDF of our People Magazine - 5.5MB